Rice up against hunger

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Photo Story

Take a photo with your digital camera that basically tells a story. You want to make the viewer question what is happening in the photo.

Sound of Light
It is up to you whether you ‘plan’ your photo beforehand (i.e. stage the photo with props etc) or it may be spontaneous, yes the chicken was really crossing the road! So have fun with it!
Wild Child
Try to limit your post-production work and only use Photoshop for minor tweaking (e.g. Clone out a power pole).
Your photo should be either a maximum of 1024 pixels wide (horizontal pic) OR maximum of 728 pixels high (vertical pic). Resolution is 72dpi and saved as a JPEG with file size under 500kB. Use metadata to include a description/tag the photo.

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Rice up against hunger