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Saturday 5 October 2013


Advertising is one form of communication, and its aim is to reach its targeted audience and persuade their listener or reader to buy the particular product or service. The advertisement should be a catchy design and appealing to the eye, has the message got across or has it been forgotten and thrown in the rubbish?


Katy P

Create a promotional advertisement to promote a new model 4WD vehicle with a target market aimed at small to medium sized families.

Copy – you must do your own research and copy for this ad. Include vehicle details, prices, special features, benefits etc that would attract a buyer.

Explore use of positive and negative space.

Software – use any Adobe product that you feel comfortable using. (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

One colour
only (black) – note for newspapers - reversed text is not normally recommended as text ‘fills-in’. One typeface family only – use a typeface you wouldn’t normally use, but make sure it is readable and will suit this particular target audience.

Images – must be your own, e.g. Photographed by you and not downloaded from Internet.

Use Clipping Paths so that your images are neat/tidy on the page.

Size of ad – produce 2 design pieces and different sizes, use your judgement to reduce the amount of information to suit the size of the page.

1. Newspaper ad – 2 columns wide x 100mm high (1 column = 34mm, gutter width = 5mm)

2. Letterbox flier – A4 size folded down to DL (single-side only)

Research – the prices for both newspaper advertisement, in your local newspaper, at above size and for letterbox flyer for the cost of printing or photocopying 500 copies and for Australia Post or Fed Ex to deliver to 3 postcodes or zip codes.

Rationale (*) – include a written rationale with your final design. See attached information on what you should put in your rationale.

As Graphic Designers you are normally asked to design to specific requirements, such as researching the target market as well as designing within restrictions to reduce the cost of printing. A written rationale will give the client a clear and detailed explanation of your thinking and reasoning behind the design piece/s.

 * Rationale Consider how you have used the following points to help you write a rationale. The rationale should be about ½ to 1 page in length.

Design principles:

1. Emphasis/contrast
2. Proximity/groupings
3. Balance
4. Alignment
5. Harmony/proportion
6. White space
7. Repetition
8. Colour
9. Other design principles
10. Message conveyed and creativeness
11. Typography (use of type)
12. Layout (use of grids)
13. What were your initial goals for the logo? And how have you met them?

Design justification/rationale: ‘Rationales should be incise and concise. They should explain the thinking behind the design solution. A rationale should describe effects, not specifics.

When discussing colour, it should describe feelings/effects in palettes, not descriptions of the actual colours, which can be plainly seen.

Regarding text, it should not mention specific typefaces but it may describe the impression that the type gives. It should describe the effect of the layout. Image selection should explain why the image was chosen, relating to the content or the feel of the document/item as requested in the brief.

In short, it should not be full of design jargon.’ *
* An extract from The Design Manual by David Whitbread (2001) UNSW Press.

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Example of an Adwords AD.


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