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Sunday 16 February 2020

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Alexa Thursday, November 01, 2007, 12:00:00 PM Unknown birth time. Fair, London Time Zone: -11:00 (AEDT) Longitude: 150° E 57' Latitude: 33° S 52' Introduction it ? A composite couples report interprets the composite chart that is formed from the midpoints of the planets in the two charts. It is an astrological chart of the relationship and provides important insights into the dynamics of a couple. It is literally a snapshot of the relationship. Each of us has a personal birth chart that records where the planets were at the time when we were born. As long as we are lone individuals, we are stuck with that chart. The placements and aspects of our natal birth chart will define our potential as individuals for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, the possible aspects and possible alignments of the planets in our birth chart are limited by where the planets actually were around the time when we were born. It is not possible to have Jupiter conjunct Saturn in our birth charts when Jupiter and Saturn were on opposite sides of the solar system. All of those limitations disappear when it comes to the composite chart between the two individuals. Through the magic of two charts coming together and combining, almost any combination, almost any destiny, is possible. By unifying with another, the two of you can have a greater capacity to channel the planetary energies in the desired direction than was possible for either one of you alone. The two of you do have to submerge your individual egos to the extent necessary to form a partnership, but as long as the two of you remain linked as partners in that team, the planetary energies of its composite chart are at the disposal of both of you. We may think that we are in charge when it comes to selecting another to be our mate, but I am not so sure that is always the case. Some composite charts have so many synchronicities, so many close alignments of multiple planets, that they appear to be alchemical experiments orchestrated by Fate from the Other Side. In particular, I have seen these close linkages in the composite charts of certain couples whose lives have received intense media exposure, as if the lives of these couples were meant to be teaching tools. The composite chart of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is a perfect example of a composite chart that featured multiple exact planet linkages. Two planets are at 5 degrees, two planets are at 16 degrees, two planets are at 17 degrees, almost conjunct the Midheaven at 18 degrees, four planets are at 26 degrees and the remaining planet is at 27 degrees. These linkages channeled the couple's behavior during their short marriage to an extreme degree. The composite charts of the former President of Argentina, Juan Perón, with his two successive wives, Evita and Isabel, show such striking similarities that the astrologer must conclude that Juan Perón was truly a Man of Destiny. I have also seen in composite charts between members of the same family some very interesting chart patterns that repeat or alternate, indicating that these souls were brought together in order to work on similar life lessons. You may or may not have amazingly synchronized linkages with your partner, but you can be sure that you picked each other because subconsciously you detected that the interaction between the two of you had an interesting quality to it. You felt like what was created when the two of you came together was something larger than yourself, was something that provided room for you to grow, and finally was a direction in which you wanted to grow. The interpretations that follow the planetary placements and aspects in the composite chart for you and your partner will describe the nature of the relationship environment in which you and your partner have your being. It should not come as a big surprise to you since you have actually been living the life that it describes, but it should help you to be more conscious about your relationship and it may validate some of your unconscious perceptions. Some placements and aspects are mostly harmonious - you know that you have support in those areas. Other placements and aspects challenge you to work and try harder to get the desired response - these are actually the growth opportunities that attracted you to this relationship. If your relationship ever became 'perfect' you would quickly get bored and would want more challenges. That is just part of human nature. We want to feel needed and we want to keep growing. Here is the breakdown of where the planets fall in this composite chart and the aspects they form. Aspects indicate the power for transformation, growth, the purpose of the relationship and the challenges that the couple face. PLANETS The composite Moon falls in the 7th house of partnerships in the sign of Gemini, so there was probably a really strong bond of communication between the two of you. The composite Sun falls in the 1st house of personality and self in the sign of Sagittarius. It formed a wide opposition to the composite moon, so on many levels, it may have felt like a case of opposites attracting each other. This placement probably led to an adventurous, open, learning tone to the relationship. The composite Venus falls in the 11th house of friendship in the sign of Libra. The two of you were true companions and friends. The composite Mars falls in the 10th house of career and public standing in the sign of Virgo. This can indicate that Alexa helped give you some sense of order in your career. The composite Jupiter falls in the 2nd house of money, possessions, personal values, resources and self-worth in the sign of Capricorn. Its conjunction with the planet Uranus in Capricorn indicates that there was a sudden, fated quality about your relationship. The composite Saturn falls in the 8th house of death, joint finances, transformation, and rebirth in the sign of Cancer. Saturn’s location in a chart indicates where you will learn the most from each other. Saturn is known as the Great Taskmaster and Teacher. Its location in the composite chart provides an enormous opportunity for spiritual growth. Ironically, the theme of death provided a rather painful vehicle for you to fully access your feelings. The composite Uranus falls in the 2nd house of money, possessions, personal values, resources and self-worth in the sign of Capricorn. It also forms a wide sextile (60-degree aspect) to Chiron in Pisces in the 4th house of home, family, and beginnings and endings in life. This aspect indicates that the relationship may have rather suddenly helped to heal some family wounds. The composite Neptune falls in the 2nd house of money, possessions, personal values, resources and self-worth in the sign of Capricorn. With the composite Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune in the 2nd house, there are strong indicators that this was a very fated, sudden yet highly spiritual relationship. The composite Pluto falls in the 12th house of karma, the unconscious, and spiritual surrender to a higher power. It is in the sign of Scorpio, which rules. This reinforces the themes of death and transformation. Pluto conjunct Mercury in Scorpio and highlighted the theme of a strong bond between the two of you. THEMES The prevalent themes in this relationship are a feeling of being karmically connected by fate, true companionship and friendship in addition to a strong spiritual bond. The relationship between you and Alexa also served a function in terms of healing some of your family wounds. But the composite Saturn in the 8th house indicated that the greatest lesson of this relationship was to help you access your nurturing feelings as a result of Alexa’s death. I also took the liberty of looking at your progressed chart for December? 2007. Your progressed moon was in Leo in the 6th house of work, service to others, daily routine, health, and pets. It conducted the composite south node of the moon in Leo. This reinforced the theme of a strong karmic bond between you and Alexa. The time that you shared together was undoubtedly Precious and the Ültimate lesson of Alexa’s untimely death was to help you get in touch with your nurturing side and heal old family wounds by providing you with unconditional love and acceptance. The following pages are a more detailed analysis of the aspects in the composite chart for you and Alexa. Composite Planets in Aspect Jupiter conjunct Uranus You have a mutual desire for adventure and freedom that should drive you into an ever-expanding universe of new discovery. This is in many ways a quest for the very spark of life. You will most often find it in areas that are considered unusual and unconventional. Sharing something totally new enlivens your interest and joy in life. You are very interested in new forms of self-expression and in new ideas. Your discussions will stimulate your curiosity and inspire you to broaden your minds and your consciousness. You believe in each other and encourage each other to express your own special individuality. When you are together, you feel like you can be yourself, which makes you more witty and spontaneous. There are different aspects of life that come together to create a complete cycle within which all of humanity can live. There is the leading edge of life where we reach out into new areas of expression and grab new creative energies in order to see how they can be applied to daily life. This is then followed by the constructive phase of life, where these ideas are molded into socially acceptable norms. The two of you are on this cutting edge between the two and together you seek experiences and ideas that are still wild and on the frontier of acceptance by society in general. In all types of partnerships, you will have to allow each other a lot of freedom and space to explore and discover new and innovative ways of experiencing the world around you. Mars sextile Pluto Yours is a powerful and balanced relationship that will very likely transform your lives for the better. Your union generates a great deal of pure energy that is supported by a cosmic or archetypal power source. Between you, there is a natural ability to place the focus of your power outside your relationship in order to change the world around you. Your individual ego needs are in balance with your ability to use this power for good, and you seek to do so both for yourselves and for others. There are no power trips with this aspect. Each of you is still free to express your individual creative egos. At the same time, you can easily work very closely with each other toward mutual goals. When it comes to wielding power, you do not throw it around wildly, as you have respect for your environment and for the well being of others around you. This can make you agents of change, and of transformation. Together you can indeed make a difference in the world. There is a lot of creative energy in your relationship, and you can be quite successful at whatever you decide to do together. Because of the tremendous power and energy that you have, you automatically see yourself as successful before you even begin a project. As if by magic, you are indeed often successful. One of the hallmarks of the ability to manifest anything is holding an intention and combining that with a feeling of great power. This is what you naturally have with each other. This aspect is favorable for relationships - it adds purpose and drives to your union. Mercury conjunct Pluto This aspect gives you the power to communicate and to reform, but you must look to the house placement of these planets to see where and how you will channel this power. Houses 1 through 6 are more private and houses 7 through 12 are more public. Your communication with each other is very honest, with a crystal-sharp clarity. You totally get each other and make each other laugh. You can also search for the power inherent in understanding ourselves at the deepest levels possible and thereby transform the ways that you think. It deepens your intellectual abilities. In this way, you can gain increased control over your own lives and the life of your relationship. Watch out for a tendency to try to dominate the thinking of your partner and to bring them into alignment with your own thoughts. This can lead to the formation of destructive energies in your relationship - your partner could respond by playing the role of victim in order to gain the power of their own. Together, as a team, you will have the mental power and forcefulness to influence other people's ways of thinking. If you focus your mental energies out into the world, then you can more easily combine your mental abilities within your relationship into a more harmonious unit. If you choose to use these energies to transform your own inner nature, then you can expect some tremendous growth in your life. You can analyze yourself and your relationship to try to achieve a deeper understanding of who you are as a couple. You see each other intellectually as two halves of a single unit - combined together you have more mental power. This will work the best if you keep power struggles out of your interaction and support each other in your own inner transformations. Mercury sextile Neptune Mercury and Neptune deal with very dissimilar realms. The rational mind (Mercury) has a hard time grasping the will-o'-the-wisps that proceed from Neptune, which is the realm of imagination, dreams, intuition, glamour and new style. This combination seems to work for couples who are actors, as they are in the business of make-believe and illusion. It gives them healthy imaginations and creativity for fantasy. In your relationship, you could share an intellectual interest in ideal, mystical, and spiritual thinking. You apply your minds to understanding the higher realities and their application to your lives. This creates a strong intuitive connection between you, and you often know what your partner is thinking without having to say anything. You get each other's jokes. Intellectually you are compatible on this higher level, as you both have similar ideals. Together you have a powerful imagination. Imagination is the ability to create an image and see it as reality. For many people, this leads to illusion and even delusion, as the fantasy created seems more real, or more enjoyable, than the mundane reality of your physical world. While most of us think that what we imagine is merely an illusion, spiritual and mystical teachings say that imagination creates reality. The power of the mind is the basic creative power in our universe and you have and are learning to use, this spiritual creative power through your interaction and communication with each other. Just be sure to include mundane reality in your creative imagination. Pay attention to your physically real surroundings. If you try completely to escape into your fantasy world, or if you over idealize your relationship, you will suffer deep disappointment when the fantasy fades. The positive expression of this combination is to incorporate the ideal ideas and concepts that come to you into your mundane existence. Spiritualize the life that you have with each other rather than trying to escape it or make it over into something that is unrealistic. Meditation or other spiritual techniques can help bring the logical lower mind and the mystical higher mind together. You can also create what you think or wish through positive affirmations. The ease with which you approach the mystical in your union can be of great help to you and allows you to be more open to receiving the fruits of your imagination. This can be a tremendous blessing for both of you. Mars trine Neptune This relationship provides the opportunity to be of service to your partner. The more your partner needs you, the more satisfying you will find it. But this aspect also makes the relationship unconventional - if you try to force it to be conventional and boring, then that could be the end of the relationship. Your relationship can be a very spiritual union. You have the ability to make your dreams come true in an easy and relaxed way. You can apply your energies to a higher plane where ideas and dreams can be made very real. As you work and play together, you will likely gain many valuable insights regarding the nature of life and of your relationship. With this relationship, you glimpse the spiritual all around you, and you choose to live your life from that ideal higher state. The planet Neptune in this composite aspect can also fog your mind and make you unclear about your relationship and what you wish to accomplish together. There can then be misunderstandings that get in the way of your joint activities - you can create foggy goals. You may have little or no ability to pay attention to the practical aspects of making your relationship work. To counter this, you must be very clear in your communication with each other concerning what you wish to do together. Meditation can help you to deepen your spiritual objectives while living in a real-world relationship with each other. Sun trine Saturn Your relationship is rather serious; there is something important and meaningful in your relationship, and you respect and value your partner. You are not very demonstrative with the expression of your emotions. Your emotional connection is quiet, expressed more through your dedication to each other, your dependability and steadfastness, and your deep commitment to your relationship and to each other. You feel very loving towards and loyal to each other in a quiet and private way. Your relationship has enduring stability. You are together for the long run and you bring a certain dignity and maturity to your relationship that inspires the admiration of others. You will each learn much about yourselves and about each other through this partnership. You will grow and mature throughout the duration of your relationship. Mercury sextile Mars Mentally and verbally, you are a dynamic duo. Your communication is both energetic and powerful. You state your ideas with force and do not hold anything back. This acts to clear the air between you and keep it clear so that there is little chance of a buildup of unexpressed points of view or emotional hurts. In your case, there is little danger of hurt feelings because neither of you is really bothered by the forcefulness of your interaction. Your relationship is mentally stimulating and you each appreciate the direct, honest, and open communication that you share. You are very capable of stating your thoughts, ideas, and points of view in any situation, whether that is personal or professional. As a couple, your interaction with others reflects this same forcefulness and sense of purpose. Moon in discordant aspect to Venus What have you gotten yourself into here? There is an undeniable attraction between you, even love and affection, but if this aspect is at all close, you will only put up with the emotional difficulties and willfulness between you if the composite chart has strong Saturn aspects. It will take some effort on your parts to handle the problems in your relationship. You do enjoy being with each other and having fun together. You want to fill your surroundings with harmony and beauty. There will likely be minor problems associated with this. Things won't flow smoothly between you. You will probably find that you should not spend 24 hours per day with each other. It will help your relationship to spend time apart. Your love for each other will teach you how to deal with your situation. You are learning about the deeper promise of love and emotional creativity. There can be a compulsive quality in your attraction, and you may share a feeling that you need to come together for some reason that has to do with the inevitability of your union. You may be approaching each other from your own individual perspectives. Perhaps one or both of you are not yet ready to let go of your ego enough to become a single emotional unit. You expect your partner to fit your idea of how things should be rather than lovingly examining the need to change yourself, thereby creating blocks to the flow of emotional energy between you. A sense of emotional separation could create tension between you and block the compatibility that is possible with your relationship. Sun in harmonious aspect to Jupiter Optimism is a very powerful blessing in your relationship. Benevolence seems to rain down upon you with luck and good fortune, as a result of your optimism and positive outlook on life. This will open many doors for you and help to ensure success and prosperity in your life. Whatever you decide to do as a couple will seem to be blessed and unusually successful. Personally, there will be a good deal of happiness generated between you. You support each other and encourage each other to expand your horizons, to take risks in order to succeed in life and to embrace life in a joyful manner. There will be a constant and continual sense of growth and expansion in your lives that will include your ideas and beliefs.

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