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Thursday 14 March 2013

Skyways Newspaper Advertisement



Put together this following ad for the local newspaper. Pay attention to column sizes and height of each ad. Note all ads are one colour only (black), line art only, use special effects such as drop shadows but make sure they will work for newspaper. Use Indesign for your ad. Save your work as a high-quality PDF. Printer marks are not necessary in this case.
Display this advertisement and graphic provided. 1 column wide by 90mm high. Typeset accordingly. (Column = 34mm, Gutter width = 4mm)
(Tip – do not use hyphens!)


  1. Good choice of a light font for the "fine print" at the bottom and putting the phone number in bold - makes for good readability and emphasis on relevant info. Left aligning the cities could bring more uniformity to the layout. I'm curious about the different pt. sizes for the cities and fare prices. The negative space makes this feel very clean - which is a challenge given the volume of content and limited space.

  2. Thanks!
    #¿#Looking at the advertisement after reading your comments I must agree with you on left alignment as it would bring it together much better. I was playing around with the different pt. sizes to try and fit some of the longer cities in, I imagine in with changing the pt. sizes you could emphasize on what city to add at "special sales" = getting the viewer to tune in more.

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Rice up against hunger