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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Restaurant Menu

  • EMILIO’S require a menu for their new restaurant. It should be consistent and reflect the logo and your previous research. The colour and paper choice is up to you. Size is A4.
  • Research prices to print this menu at A4 size. Which is more cost effective – to use a commercial printer or to photocopy at OfficeWorks? The amount of pages will be your decision, but not necessarily ‘crammed-in’. Think about varying the size of the text (type hierarchy).
  • Also consider how it will be presented to patrons at the restaurant, e.g. Will it be a hard-bound book or clear hole-punched laminated sheets?

Emilio’s Rationale

  • Italian flag colours to compliment menu style
  • Trajan Pro font used as it is an all-capitals typeface
  •  Easy to read font
  • Logo in centre of menu to keep eyes hungry and focused
  • Smart clean and legible menu co-ordination
  • Different  currency used to collaborate with world price menu comparison
Cost Effective
  • Commercial printer price in colour for 5000 copies  
1,325.65 GBP
2,201.26 AUD

  • ·       Officeworks photocopy in colour = $0.23 X 5000
                               Total = $1150

ü At home printing
ü Ink $140 X 4 = $560
ü Paper = $50
ü Power + extras = $140
ü Total = $750

ü  Clear hole-punched laminated sheets will be presented to patrons at the restaurant as I have a laminator and therefore more cost effective for myself.

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Rice up against hunger