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Thursday 7 March 2013

Problem Solving


Put your Graphic Designer / Pre♦Press operator’s hat on, here you have the necessary the skills in solving problems using improvement tools to identify improvements and/or solve problems. Generally, it is presumed that you are part of a team which would solve complex or systemic problems and would be expected to liaise and cooperate with other members of the team. 

This includes:
  • using a range of formal problem solving techniques
  • identifying and clarifying the nature of the problem
  • devising the best solution
  • evaluating the solution
  • developing an implementation plan to rectify the problem.

 Analytical techniques / tools in problem solving would be:

  •  brainstorming
  •  fishbone diagrams/cause and effect diagrams
  • process logic/process requirements
  • logic tree
  • similarity/difference analysis
  • Pareto analysis
  • force field/SWOT analysis
  • flow charts
  • control charts, runcharts and graphs
  • scattergrams

Action plans to solve problems are prepared including:

  • priority requirements
  •  measurable objectives
  • resource requirements
  •  methods for reaching objectives
  • timelines
  • coordination and feedback requirements
  •  safety requirement
  • risk assessment
  • environmental requirements.
Examples of brainstorming tools





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