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Thursday 7 March 2013

Panda Newspaper Advertisement

  • Put together this following ad for the local newspaper. 

  • Pay attention to column sizes and height of each ad. Note all ads are one colour only (black), line art only, use special effects such as drop shadows but make sure they will work for newspaper. 

  • Use Indesign for your ad. Save your work as a high-quality PDF. Printer marks are not necessary in this case. 

  • Display this advertisement and graphic provided. 3 columns wide by 120mm high.

  • Refer to The Examiner information on column sizes. 

  • Typeset accordingly. 

  • Panda welcomes the Pacific delegates attending the 2011 Panda Conference. 1st October 2011 Panda, Auckland New Zealand 

Note reference -
I started by printing the worksheet then scanned it via Photoshop where I was able to get the graphic of the Panda.
Panda, is the major supplier to the newspaper industry, with a reputation for quality products and services.

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Rice up against hunger